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Notes on the January 8, 2012, Meet The Press/Facebook GOP Presidential Debate

January 8, 2012

This morning’s Meet The Press was devoted to a 90 minute debate among the Republican presidential candidates (co-sponsored with Facebook). Compared to previous debates, this one was fairly fast-paced and focused. It had a few moments of policy depth and many moments of personal bickering and heat.

Meet The Press Republican debate TV screen shotHere are my headlines from the discussion:

  • Romney Takes Many Hits But Remains Cool
  • Gingrich Comes Out Swinging, Attacks Romney and Super PACs
  • Santorum Launches Attack on Ron Paul
  • Serious Discussion on Gay Rights and Trade Unions Offset by Time Spent on Personal Attacks

I was live tweeting during the event, and you can read my stream of thoughts here.

The Twitter hashtag for the event was #nbcfbdebate, so you can see what others were saying here.

And the official Facebook page for the debate, featuring questions/comments and the full video, is here.

Today’s Meet The Press transcript will be here.

Also follow the show on the MTP Facebook page, track Twitter feeds from host David Gregory, Meet The Press, and Executive Producer Betsy Fischer, watch the midweek PressPass interview, and don’t forget Gregory’s blog.

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