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Notes on the November 13, 2011 broadcast of Meet The Press

November 13, 2011

First up on this morning’s Meet The Press was Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett to discuss the Penn State tragedy. Corbett said he doesn’t know if there are more victims, but he does encourage others to come forward if they exist.

Host David Gregory, who noted that he has a nine-year-old son, became quite animated as he described the failure of so many adults who failed to protect children in this situation.

When asked if Penn State should go to a bowl game this year if invited, Gov. Corbett (R-PA) said it would be a decision for the board of trustees, and “I would have to give that some thought.”

From Corbett’s final comments, it seems there might be more to come in this story.

Next up was Republican presidential candidate, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) who gave a very strong, personal reaction to the Penn State story.

Gregory asked her to describe how her conservative credentials stack up against Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA). She mentioned “Obamacare” and its Romney roots. She also mentioned that Romney has been pro-choice and in favor of same sex marriage.

Asked about the sexual harassment claims against fellow presidential candidate Herman Cain, Bachmann said it is “for the voters to decide.” But she did reaffirm “the right of women to be protected in the workplace.”

In a debate clip, Bachmann said President Barack Obama is weak on terrorism, and Gregory asked if she felt that way before he authorized the killing of Osama Bin Laden and other terrorist leaders. Bachmann said those were good tactical moves approved of by all Americans. But his “strategic blunders have had profound consequences.”

She went on to say that America currently has no jails for alleged terrorists where they can be effectively interrogated. Gregory mentioned Guantanomo and other options on land and sea, but Bachmann did not alter her position.

She also said the Iraq War was won before Obama took office, but now he is “losing the peace” which, she says, is “a desecration of the memory of 4,400 Americans who gave their lives to liberate Iraq.”

The next guest was Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL), the head of the Democratic National Committee. The exchange here was marked by the usual questions and the usual responses. When asked why the president was so “hands off” with the Congressional super committee, Wasserman-Schultz said he has been in touch with the committee and has put forward a plan.

In the political roundtable segment, Gregory unveiled a new NBC News, Wall Street Journal poll showing Mitt Romney with 28% of support, Cain with 27%, Newt Gingrich with 13%. The rest were at or below 10%.

Gregory says they recontacted some of the poll respondents in the last day or so and found upticks in support for Romney and Gingrich and a dropoff in enthusiasm for Gov. Rick Perry (TX-R).

David Brooks of the New York Times says the biggest news there was that there has been no big dropoff in support for Cain despite his recent controversies. E. J. Dionne of the Washington Post noted that these polls show the GOP field of candidates, as a whole, keep losing support.

Brooks predicts that Romney will probably be the nominee, and he will be a strong challenger to President Obama.

Finishing up back on the Penn State story, Brooks says our society has watered down our sense of morality and this contributes to our inability to intervene when we see or hear bad things happening.

Today’s Meet The Press transcript will be here.

Also follow the show on the MTP Facebook page, track Twitter feeds from host David Gregory, Meet The Press, and Executive Producer Betsy Fischer, watch the midweek PressPass interview, and don’t forget Gregory’s blog.

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  1. November 15, 2011 5:56 pm

    Why does DAVID GREGORY continue to permit MICHELLE BACHMAN to make such a fool of him on his own show. She NEVER responds to the questions he asks of her, and worse yet, he continue to let her get away with it

  2. November 15, 2011 7:46 pm

    I missed the program this week, but read at American Progress that Bachmann said Iraqis should pay for each American casualty since the invasion. Was she serious?

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