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Notes from the September 5, 2010 broadcast of Meet The Press

September 5, 2010

Just a few quick thoughts today:

  • Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said Republican candidates need to be campaigning on “replacing” rather then “repealing” the healthcare law.
  • In one response, Graham revived the term “death taxes,” and David Gregory did not challenge him on what that means. No such phrase appears in the U.S. tax code.
  • Graham said the president is “tone deaf” on a number of issues. He listed KSM, the economy, the mosque debate, and terrorism.
  • David Plouffe, long time adviser to President Obama, said the country is on the right path, and this is not the time to change.
  • Plouffe said this is not a “new” Republican party, these are the same old Republicans. Later he said Beck, Palin and Limbaugh are the leaders of the Republican Party.
  • Gregory asked if President Obama might be challenged in the 2012 presidential primary, particularly by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Plouffe batted away the question pointing to how well the two of them work together, particularly this week in the Middle East peace talks.
  • In the roundtable, MSNBC’s Erin Burnett said the economy is actually growing and is rebounding faster than during most other post-recession periods.
  • Rich Lowry and E.J. Dionne had an interesting exchange on extending tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. Dionne said the Democrats have to draw a line in the sand against this. But Lowry said it makes no sense to raise taxes even on people making more than a million dollars a year.
  • Political analyst Charlie Cook ran through the tightest races in the U.S. Senate. But overall, not much new ground was covered regarding what this all means for Washington, DC and President Obama.
  • Burnett closed the discussion by again repeating that the recovery from the recession (according to the numbers rather than the perception) has not been nearly as tepid as people think. I couldn’t help but think… so why isn’t the White House making this case?

Today’s Meet The Press transcript will be here.

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