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Is Meet The Press really trying?

July 31, 2010

This Sunday (August 1) may mark the beginning of the biggest challenge to Meet The Press’ ratings supremacy in a long time. Over on ABC, Christiane Amanpour launches a newly revamped “This Week.” And she will be gunning hard to get the best guests and build on her already strong reputation.

Stealing audience from Meet The Press has proven difficult in the past, but NBC should be taking nothing for granted. With the launch of a potential competitor, I would expect the producers to flex a little muscle and remind everyone just how strong the Meet The Press franchise really is. At a minimum they should be bringing us a substantial and exclusive guest.

But no. While Amanpour has an exclusive interview with Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, David Gregory and Bob Scheiffer (of CBS’ Face the Nation) will both be hosting Joint Chiefs’ Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen.

Now Mullen is not a bad guest. But he is lower ranking than Secretary Gates… and he is already being interviewed on another Sunday morning talk show. On top of this, Amanpour will also have a second exclusive interview this Sunday, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Is the Meet The Press crew going to put up a fight… or are they dismissing Amanpour as a competitor?

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