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LINK: LA Times Profiles Amanpour’s First Week in DC

July 30, 2010

Link: LINK: LA Times Profiles Amanpour’s First Week in DC

EXCERPT (emphasis mine):

In the 63 years since a Washington-based producer named Martha Rountree moderated the first Sunday morning political gabfest, NBC’s “Meet the Press,” there hasn’t been anyone quite like Amanpour anchoring that hour.

Not only is she not “of” Washington, Amanpour is also not seasoned at quarterbacking an hour of live television with a field of all-stars.

“I’m not touting being an outsider,” she said, “but I’m certainly not pretending I’m not.”

She has no plans to relocate with her husband, James P. Rubin, a former State Department official, and her son from New York to Washington, which only feeds the pond of schadenfreude she’s plunged into. (Inside ABC’s newsrooms, still reeling from cutbacks this spring, there is even speculation the network may move the show to its New York headquarters to save money.)

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