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Notes on the April 18, 2010 broadcast

April 18, 2010

No annotated transcript from me this week, just a few random thoughts. The full transcript will be here.

  1. The interview with Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, recorded Saturday night, was a very serious discussion of our economy and financial reform. The dialogue stuck with the substance (thank goodness) rather than wallowing in the politics. (This is the kind of discussion I always wanted Meet The Press to do on healthcare reform, where the problems and solutions are the focus rather than the politics of who will vote for what provisions.)
  2. The Geithner interview made news… particularly his prediction that the eventual legislation will get bipartisan support.
  3. And then in today’s panel discussion, politics came roaring back. The exchange between Congresswoman Blackburn and former Governor Rendell in the opening minutes was especially feisty!
  4. Ron Brownstein set up the politics of the financial reform debate well, saying it is a true clash of two very different visions. Did the financial crisis happen because of too much government regulation or too little?
  5. In the Tea Party discussion, Rendell tries to diminish the movement by saying the turnout numbers are small. David Gregory wonders if the old “culture wars” are being replaced by the “government wars.” And Blackburn expresses a more nuanced view of the Tea Party. In the end, no one in Washington really seems to know what to do or think about this phenomenon.
  6. Gregory plays the Congresswoman Michelle Bachman quote where she says we have a “gangster government.” Blackburn dodges an opportunity to criticize Bachman even after Gregory says this kind of rhetoric could lead to an Oklahoma City-type attack.
  7. Interesting fact of the day comes from a Ron Brownstein response to Jose Diaz Balart: The Hispanic vote in America is growing and dispersing. 99 congressional districts now have at least 20% Hispanic population.

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