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Leadership Lessons Learned From Tim Russert

March 3, 2010

Link: Leadership Lessons Learned From Tim Russert

From the Leadership blog: “Tim Russert never forgot where he came from. He never forgot his roots coming from Buffalo, the son of a blue collar worker who worked two jobs for thirty years to support his family. He had a humble beginning and remained humble right up until his untimely death. He was not embarrassed by his father’s occupation as a trash hauler. Instead he was so proud that he made him a national hero.

“There is no greater legacy that Tim Russert leaves to both current and up and coming leaders than how critical humility is in becoming an effective leader. Too often these days people start life on third base and then think they hit a triple. Russert never took his success for granted and always remained thankful to those who helped him become the person he became. Russert told Larry King one of the lessons he taught his son, ‘you’re always, always loved but you are never entitled.’”


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