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John McCain? Really?

February 26, 2010

I was surprised to see John McCain touted as the “exclusive” guest on this Sunday’s Meet The Press. I suppose he is fascinating to a group of people inside the DC Beltway. But out here in the real world, McCain is yesterday’s soup (and I don’t even mean that in a partisan way).

He is struggling to get back in the graces of the most lively stream of activism in his own party. And he was one of the least interesting people around the table at the Blair House health summit yesterday. So how does he rate a top spot on the number one Sunday program?

Some blog commenters (and here) have raised the same question.

Is something broken in the MTP booking process? The Sunday after Ron Paul’s surprise win at CPAC and Mitt Romney’s second place finish, MTP trumpets Governor Tim Pawlenty (Mr. 6% at CPAC) as their “exclusive” guest.

And now after a meaty bipartisan dialogue on healthcare, the question hanging over the country is “What will the White House and the Congressional Democrats do next?” The ball is in their court and the future of healthcare reform… and perhaps the future of this presidency… hinges on what they decide.

John McCain is not the right person to give us what we want… a peek inside those deliberations.

Update: If it’s Sunday, it’s McCain Day, from Daily Kos

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