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Comparing Cheney to Nixon

February 17, 2010

Washington Post business columnist Steven Pearlstein answered questions from readers online today.

One questioner wrote:

I really do apportion a lot of the blame for the current climate, however, to “the media,” whatever that is any more. Case in point is the Sunday network talk shows, which continue to give a platform to Richard Cheney, all in hopes of generating controversy and headlines, when the man is retired, has no future in electoral politics, and has been proven definitively wrong about the defining episodes of his 8 years as the nation’s Vice President.

Imagine, if you can, Richard Nixon going on Meet the Press in November, 1962 and attacking President Kennedy for blockading Cuba instead of invading it. I’m no Nixon fan, but he would not have thought of doing it and Meet the Press, as then constituted, would not have thought of inviting him to do so. Add in the continual cable news blather, which only serves to whip up controversy and contention, and you have an endless cauldron of sound and fury, signifying ratings points and nothing more.

It is a good discussion starter… but Pearlstein didn’t engage.

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