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Other Reviews of the February 14, 2010 Meet the Press

February 15, 2010

from Drift Glass:

Sunday Morning Comin’ Down

On “Meet the Press” David Gregory began his day by asking Joe Biden the same question over and over again.

from The Washington Monthly:

Don’t Bring A Dolt To An MTP Fight….

As for Schock being made to appear foolish, I can’t help but wonder, why is it that Rachel Maddow seems to be the only media professional calling out Republican hypocrisy on this? One of the reasons the clip generated so much attention was because it was something we see so rarely — blatant GOP hypocrisy being called out on national television, accurately and fairly. It seems a little silly to make a fuss over what should be a common occurrence, but since it’s not a common occurrence, moments like these are all the more satisfying.

from Fire Dog Lake:

America Dies on Meet The Press

As usual, a whole hour of television was utterly wasted on trivia, speculation, and politics as theatre, the enormously important implications of the issues being discussed mattering not a whit to either the moderator or the guests, only how all of this will play in Peoria. I have news. Just as many Peorians as other Americans would sooner gouge out their eyeballs than watch “Meet the Press.” People can accept high unemployment, but not when David Gregory still has a job.


from San Francisco Chronicle: Rachel Maddow embarrassed Rep. Aaron Schock on Meet The Press

from Harold Ford Jr. Eludes Tough Questions on ‘Meet the Press’

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